Our Mission

We adopted the name "Catholics for the Common Good" because there is such potential for good in the social justice teachings of the Church and such a network of parishes and organizations through which to work.

CCG has defined its challenge, its objective as to bring the Catholic community to an understanding of the moral dimensions of public policy issues as those issues come up in our society. We hope to use the "teachable moments" to shine the relatively simple light of the Gospel on the sometimes complex issues of living together. We choose issues with broad impact which other groups do not address adequately, and generally, issues in the economic traditional for Catholic social teaching. Tools we have used include:

  • Research and preparation of printed and digital materials (collecting pertinent information rather than raw research)

  • Dissemination of the message through meetings, conferences, mail, email, fax, leafleting, press releases and conferences using Catholic organizations and parishes as appropriate and possible.

  • Political action through meetings with elected officials as well as campaigns of contacts on specific issues.

Our Objectives

  • It is our first objective that Catholics understand that not only may they morally vote according to their informed conscience, but each person is obliged to follow his/her conscience. This is fundamental Catholic belief.

  • Our second objective is to broaden the focus of such Catholic organizations as the Michigan Catholic Conference to include issues of grave concern to the people of the nation, including Catholics, in enough detail that their ramifications are clearly understood. We do not deny the importance of issues like abortion, stem cell research and euthanasia. However, traditional Catholic teaching demands a longer list of issues that have serious impacts on human life.

  • Finally, we call for greater balance, both moral and political, from the above entities and in the messages from Catholic pulpits and publications, including printed materials distributed at churches.