Taxes and Budgets Committee Report

Catholics Call Governor's Budget Immoral

Catholic groups, representing thousands of Catholics, have joined together to condemn the immorality of Gov. Snyder#039;s State Budget. As human beings we believe that every human being has a right to the basic essentials for human living. As fellow Americans we believe the government has the responsibility to create a society where these essentials are available to every citizen. As followers of Christ we have a special concern for children, the poor and the elderly. Thus, we raise serious opposition to the Michigan Budget proposals for 2012. Cutting programs for the poor and canceling Michigan's Earned Income credit, which will send 25,000 working people including 14,000 children into poverty and others to the brink of poverty, is morally unacceptable. Taxing all retiree income other than social security, removing senior exemptions and cutting the homestead tax exemption will endanger those on fixed incomes. K-12 Education will be cut 1 billion dollars.

We urge the Governor as well as our legislative representatives to create a more just budget. James Sheehan, spokesman for the group, said, "Reducing business taxes by 1.8 billion dollars, while increasing taxes on seniors and families by 1.7 billion, is simply immoral."Billions remain in Michigan tax loopholes for special interests and these loopholes need to be cut to raise revenue. Other revenue sources include raising taxes on services and maintaining state income tax at 4.35%.

We urge all citizens to give voice to their moral outrage, to share their convictions with family and friends, to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers and above all to contact their legislative leaders. We can make Michigan better! We must! Now!!!!

John Hooper (313-864-9562).